Women Behind Bars (Doing Preservation), Part II

Here’s the finished product of the women inmate’s work.  As the photo caption says “Out from the shop to its place in the home.” Shined up to within an inch of its life I might add.  The desk on the left is interesting.  Looks like it began its life as a pianoforte (the folding lid is still evident in the photo).  Given the mighty swelling of legs it appears to date to the mid-nineteenth century (Bronson, Folger ownership possibly?)


Women Behind Bars (Doing Preservation), Part I…

It sounds like the title of a bad movie.  And clearly it was not as fun for all involved as the cheery text in the 1928 New York State Training School Annual Report makes it sound.  But check out this image:

I like the photo caption “More conservation brings an appreciation of beauty and a profession.”  And I love this photo.  Tell me what you think.  Thanks to Cherie Miller Schwartz for finding this one in the archives.  To find out what’s really going on in the photo read on.

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Welcome to the Day Book!

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