Hudson merchant Samuel Plumb buys 263 acres of land in the South Bay from the estate of Thomas Jenkins (one of the original Hudson Proprietors) to build a country seat.


Plumb’s new Federal villa is completed.


Irish artist William Guy Wall (Hudson River Portfolio) paints a watercolor view of the Plumb estate silhouetted against Mount Merino and the Catskills beyond.


Plumb sells his estate to Dr. Robert G. Frary (Mayor of Hudson at the time) who subdivides the property.


Dr. Oliver Bronson, of the city of New York, buys the house on 80 acres.


Likely on the advice of his brother-in-law Robert Donaldson, Dr. Bronson hires Alexander Jackson Davis to “refit” Plumb’s original Federal-style house.  Davis extends the eaves and adds decorative brackets, an ornamental verandah (east elevation), and stables in a picturesque style.


A.J. Davis returns to design a major addition on the West Elevation consisting of a three-story Italianate tower with two-story semi-octagonal wings and a second ornamental verandah in the picturesque style.  In the same year, Dr. Bronson adds 29 acres to his holdings.


Dr. Bronson sells the estate to Hudson merchant Frederick Fitch Folger who renames the property “Glenwood.”


Mary Whitney Phoenix, widow of prominent NYC merchant and U.S Senator Jonas Phillips Phoenix, purchases “Glenwood” from Folger and uses the property as a summer home.


Mary Whitney Phoenix dies.


John F. McIntyre purchases the estate.


McIntyre estate sold by Elizabeth McIntyre to the adjoining New York State Training School for Girls.


NYS Training School for Girls Annual Report describes conversion of McIntyre house into residence for Superintendent and a Social Center.  Labor is provided by women prisoners.


Last prison Superintendent leaves the house.  House is abandoned.


Property listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


Dr. Oliver Bronson House & Estate is designated a National Historic Landmark.


Historic Hudson, Inc. enters into a 30 year lease to restore and operate the Dr. Oliver Bronson House.


One thought on “Timeline”

  1. Actually, I believe that John Bradford McIntyre bought the house in 1883. I have a few pictures of him if you would like them. He was the second (in 1843) of 7 children born to John MacDonald & Matilda Bradford McIntyre. He bought the house for his sisters Elizabeth and Matilda McIntyre.
    I also have pictures of them, if you’d like them. John Bradford was my mother’s grandfather.

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