Dr. Oliver Bronson House Stars in a New Movie

We have been keeping a lid on it (to respect the confidentiality of our partners), but now we can talk about it.  Last November,  Universal Pictures filmed a portion of the Bourne Legacy (the latest in the Bourne movie franchise) at the Dr. Oliver Bronson House.  A 150-person crew was on site for eight days, digitally mapping the facade of the house and shooting exterior action sequences.  The movie shoot was a boon for the local economy and helped us raise a portion of our Phase II Restoration matching funds.

Universal had originally wanted to film inside the house but Historic Hudson, working in conjunction with our architects (Mesick-Cohen-Wilson-Baker-Architects), and outside structural engineers, determined that this posed too much risk to the fragile historic structure and its interiors.  Instead, Universal recreated the entire house interior (down to the peeling wallpaper) at the Kaufman Astoria Soundstage in Queens.  Below is a shot of the north side of the building the weekend before the shoot and its appearance in a recent trailer for the movie. Note the beautiful plywood covering the north-west room of the original Federal period house in both shots.   More photos from the movie shoot will be posted on Historic Hudson’s Facebook page over the next couple of days.  The Bourne Legacy opens in theaters nationwide this Friday (August 10).

North side of the house right before the shoot

A scene from the Bourne Legacy Trailer