Seeing Sky


In the last couple of weeks of August, we saw a lot of sky.  Too much actually.   And the somewhat alarming site of a head or a hand emerging from the roof:

But it was all for a good cause.  Before we could start putting down new roofing, we had to repair the rotten sections of rafters and plates.

One of the worst areas was the transition between the 1812 house and the 1849 Davis addition.  In order to provide wide-ranging (western) river views in the new section of the house, the architect placed the chimney stacks on the east wall of the new addition. While this provided attractive room layouts, it also resulted in the new chimney stacks being placed squarely within the roof valleys dividing the old and new sections of the house (see second photo from top for location).

So aesthetics were preserved but functionality lost out.  Water inevitably built up behind the chimneys, got inside, and rotted the framing below.   This problem was compounded by the awkward way the carpenters interpreted the architect’s instructions.  Rather than reframe the old section to match the new, they simply left the old Federal hip rafter in place and put some boards on top to “cob” the two sections together.

Jesse and the team worked methodically to repair each of these problem areas, patching in new material to provide a strong base for the new roof (and keeping things covered up during the frequent rain squalls):


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