(Toilet) on the Roof

Well not really… but close.  Yesterday, we found what appears to be a well-preserved lead-lined wood toilet tank right underneath the roof boards tucked in next to the SE chimney.  Kind of cool.   This example probably dates to the second half of the nineteenth century based on the design. 

An unsolved question is where the rest of the toilet was located.  The space directly below is very narrow (the chimney stack to the right of the photo flairs out in the room below).  The top flush tank could have serviced a bowl installed in the back bedroom behind the chimney or the pipes could have run straight down to the first floor where a bathroom still exists.  If the bowl was, in fact, two floors away from the tank originally, it would have made for a rather delayed flush response time and a very powerful flush as roughly fifteen gallons of water came down from on high.


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