Meet the Restoration Team

Tuttle Construction Co. Inc. of Greenwich, NY is our restoration partner for the Phase I work this summer.   The company has a fine reputation for high quality preservation work and has worked on many high-profile historic site projects in the New York State and beyond including Montgomery Place (designed by A.J. Davis) in Barrytown, NY, the Luykas Van Alen House in Kinderhook, NY, and the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception in Albany.  Tuttle Construction is a certified New York State Minority & Women-owned Business Enterprise (MWBE).  Project leader Jesse Tuttle’s mom is the President of the Company (watch out Jesse!) and Jesse’s son is part of the team (watch our Jesse, Jr!).   Rounding out our team for the first part of the project is Josh Morrison who has travelled the world with the U.S. Navy and has a military pilot’s license:

Josh Morrison, Jesse, Jr., and Jesse Tuttle of Tuttle Construction Co. Inc.



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