Women Behind Bars (Doing Preservation), Part III

OK, this is last image we have from the 1928 Annual Report of the New York State Training School for Girls.  This one shows the West Verandah enclosed and converted into a Social Center.  Incidental details in photos like this are extremely helpful for our restoration.  For example, visible on the far left is on of the original niches from Davis’s 1849 design with a potted plant in it.  These were later replaced with (rather crummy) modern bookcases so we know this change is post-1928.   Also, Davis’s trellised post is still visible in the corner.

Source: 1928 NYS Training School for Girls Annual Report


2 thoughts on “Women Behind Bars (Doing Preservation), Part III”

  1. Is the trellis and arch room divider still extant today? It was when we lived in the house because I remember “playing house” with it when we first moved in.

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